Technology…love it, hate it.

photo(7) it, hate it.

Technology….it’s a love hate relationship.

 You love it because it keeps you in touch with people, you love it because you can check your social networks on the go, and you love it because there is almost always something to do.

 You hate it because it sucks up so much of your time, because you are too easily reachable, and because it seems to be everywhere and there is no escape.

 I remember when I was a kid, yes that was a long time ago, we had a phone on the kitchen wall with an attached headset, you could only go as far as the cord would stretch.  Your only connection to your friends was that phone.  That was how you communicated with the outside world.  And if you had a large family, most of them girls, getting your turn on that precious phone was almost impossible and definitely the cause of a few arguments.  However, the best conversations happened in person, where you just sat and talked while actually looking at each other. Eye to eye contact …it seems to be a thing of the past.

 Have you ever been out in social setting and looked around?  Chances are all you will see are people on cell phones, checking emails, playing games, texting.  That sort of takes care of the social aspect of the setting doesn’t it?

 Now I am not totally knocking technology, it has its place and certainly has conveniences.

 We have come a long way.  It is good to have all the technology available to us.  But I think we are missing out on a very important aspect of life and that is true human interaction.

We are so connected to our iPhones, smart phones, iPads, iPods, tablets and computers that we are missing out on what is going on around us.

 I have nothing against technology; I personally love it and use it regularly.  I mean, without technology I wouldn’t be able to blog, play Candy Crush, update my status on Facebook and oh so many more things.  I couldn’t spend time on Skype watching my grandson or chatting with family far away.   I couldn’t use the Find My Friends app to see where my friends are (a bit like stalking don’t you think?).  I would really be bored while waiting on the doctor, car repairs, airline flights, etc… nothing beats boredom like portable technology.

  All that being said, one of my goals for 2014 is to put down the technology when in public and to see what is going on around me, to interact with the people in my life on a more personal level.  Will I give up my technology?  NO WAY, but I will learn to use it wisely and less in social settings.  I will not be so connected to technology that I miss out on life and the world around me.


4 thoughts on “Technology…love it, hate it.

  1. Just finished reading your blog ,I really enjoyed it.Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us., It takes courage to share your heart with friends and family.I am sure it will be a blessing to many. Liz


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