Winter Storm? Seriously?

Snow storm

Winter Storm?  Seriously?

 Let me start by saying that I lived in Northeast Ohio for all my life, I know winter storms.  I know about freezing temperatures, inches and inches of snow fall, icy roads, and blowing wind.  I know about below zero wind chills and sunless days that go on forever.  I know about snow as early as October and as late as March.  I know about driving in hazardous conditions, and about those drivers who act like they have never driven in snow before.  You know the ones that you are afraid of when you get out that first snow fall.  You can always tell who they are; they are the ones going full speed ahead through the snow and icy conditions.  The ones that you are thankful as they pass you and you are no longer behind, in front of, or anywhere near.

Winter is one big reason why about three years ago my husband and I moved to North Carolina.  Do we get winter here?  Yes we do, only it doesn’t last 6 months.  It’s a few months of cold temperatures but is punctuated with lovely warm temperatures, cloudless blue skies, a bit of rain, and sometimes, only sometimes snow and ice.

The biggest difference between winter in Ohio and winter in North Carolina is their reaction to the possibility of snowy conditions.

Last week there is a winter storm warning out for my area and areas south of us. The people prepared.  Grocery shelves were cleared of bread, water, milk and other staples.  Schools and offices were closed in preemptive anticipation of the snow and for days afterwards.  Kids were giddy with the expectations of playing in the lovely fluffy white stuff that will be covering their yards.  Parents were frantic trying to figure out how they will survive this emergency trapped in their homes.  Doesn’t seem to matter that any snow we were forecasted to get will most likely be gone by the next day, temps will warm up and people will be back out walking, running, riding bikes and working in their yards.

Sure enough the snow came, it was cold by North Carolina standards, but by the next day most of the snow was gone, the sun was shining and the roads were dry.  It was actually a lovely interlude in the non winter like weather we get here.  Snow always makes things look fresh and clean, like a new beginning.  And even as it melts you see the green grass showing through and sense that spring will come and once again flowers will be blooming, trees filling out and the temperatures will rise.  And we have survived yet another winter in North Carolina.

Instead of dreading winter I think we need to look at it like a new beginning, the moments before new life begins, a brief interlude before spring.   And spring always comes, although at times when I lived in Ohio I was sure we would never see spring again, yet it managed to show up.  We are in the winter months of snow, cold, ice and clouds but need to keep focused on the simple fact that SPRING ALWAYS COMES.  You will see grass, flowers, green leaves, gardens and your long lost neighbors.

So as you look out and see yet another day of winter, find something positive about the day and focus on that.  Why waste energy being negative or sad over something we have no control over?

I plan on enjoying my day and I hope you enjoy yours.


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