No Regrets

No RegrestI saw this photo posted on Facebook and loved its simple yet profound message.  (And to give credit where credit is due, my husband suggested it would make a great blog post, thank you so much for the suggestion.)

Learning to see what the many people bring to our lives is so important.  Not everyone is a friend, not everyone is an enemy, some people are there for a season, some are there for a lifetime.  Keep the good and best people  and forgive the bad and worse ones.

I wish for you the people that give you happiness and memories.  I wish for you the strength to forgive the ones who give you a bad experience and lessons, and that you will take those bad experiences and lessons and move forward with your life.

May you always be one of the best people in others lives and give happiness and  memories.


On a side note:  If you have never seen the movie UP, I highly recommend this wonderful animated movie for youngsters and adults alike.  It has a great message about life and living it to the fullest while you can with the ones you love.  Live every day to the fullest, enjoy life, share your dreams with the ones you love, and find a way to live those dreams.  I realize we can’t just stop what we are doing, quit our jobs and go live our dreams, but if we stop, think and get creative I imagine a number of us could find a way, and the funds to live our dream or a variation of that dream.


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