Detours and Delays

Stress and AttitudeDetours and Delays

How do you handle the little detours and delays in your daily life?

You know what I mean, the unexpected explosion of a carbonated beverage leaving you cleaning up what seems like an ever expanding mess.

That tipped over glass of milk when you are running late.

The accidental use of hair spray as your deodorant, or the deodorant as your hair spray.

That flat tire as you are heading out in the morning.

The empty gas gauge from when someone else used your car.

The need for cupcakes for today’s kindergarten class that you just found out about.

The spot on that blouse you were planning on wearing to work today.

That stalled traffic on the highway when you are running late for an appointment.

The power goes out, the water is off, and so many other detours and delays that can happen in a day that disrupt your plans, your schedule and your life.

These things happen, and how we handle them can show our family, friends and even strangers our true character.

I know it’s hard to smile when these things happen, but knowing they do happen and there really isn’t much you can do about it or really plan for them that will definitely help your attitude. Don’t look at them as inconveniences but as learning and teaching experiences. Learning to laugh in the face of inconveniences, detours and delays will not only be an example to others but will certainly keep your blood pressure down.

So the next time a detour or delay stumbles into your plans for the day, take a moment to consider that perhaps there is something God is trying to show you. After all life is too short to spend any of it angry and upset over something that you didn’t know was going to happen.

May you have a wonderful detour and delay free day!


*any resemblance to real or imagined individuals, living or dead, is purely unintentional.  All opinions here are solely the opinion of the author. If you see yourself in this post, oops!

Matthew 6:27 – Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?

Ecclesiastes 7:9 – Do not be quickly provoked in your spirit, for anger resides in the lap of fools.

Resistance is NOT Futile

Facebook Collective

Resistance is NOT futile or Facebook Collective

I met a most unusual human on Friday. This human had not yet been assimilated into the collective of the Facebook society. I was amazed that they had escaped being sucked into the vortex of social media and yet they seemed perfectly happy with their status. I wondered how people are able to remain in the neutral zone of social media. How they have not yet ventured into the restricted or collective zone of Facebook. How are they surviving? How are they maintaining communication with their home world? How do they get the necessary information to function on a daily basis without the combined input of all of those currently in the collective known as Facebook?

And yet there are those who have managed to avoid being assimilated into this world. They are normal looking humans who seem perfectly happy to go about their daily lives gaining what they need from verbal communication and interaction. They do not need to be hooked into the collective to get what they need to make their choices, decisions and their reactions are entirely based on what they feel and think. It seems rather illogical!

Of course there are those who are on the rim of the neutral zone, not quite entirely assimilated into the collective, but just testing the waters, accessing the collective occasionally but still able to operate without it. There are those who have managed to escape total assimilation after having been in for a while, they have managed to find the fine balance between that neutral zone and the restricted zone of the collective. To them I say congratulations, you are back to being a normal human being enjoying real live. To those of us still struggling with a balance I say keep on trying, there will come a time when you will be able to resist the collective’s voice and will be able to control what level of assimilation you allow.   You will once again be able to carry on an entire conversation without once accessing the collective.  You will be able to respond to human voices and make eye to eye contact again.

As for myself, I am still working on making my level assimilation work for me and working on that fine line between being totally immersed into the collective and being just immersed enough that I can use the information there to help me accomplish what ever my current mission is.

Resistance is NOT futile.


(and yes there is a lot of Star Trek references in here on purpose, so now you know I am a scifi geek too.)

*any resemblance to real or imagined individuals, living or dead, is purely unintentional.  All opinions here are solely the opinion of the author. If you see yourself in this post, oops!

Be Yourself

Be YourselfI love this photo that was recently posted on Facebook.  It reminds me to be who I am, who God intended me to be and not to try to fit into a mold that is not me to please others.  I am who God made me to be, I need to remind myself of that and continue to seek His guidance in what I do and say.  How I respond to people and situations may not be the ideal way or the way others respond, but it is how I respond and that counts.  There is not necessary always a right and wrong way to respond but there is always different ways.  And different doesn’t make it wrong.  I am still learning who I am, it’s a continuous ongoing process.  I am not afraid to grow and learn, and I am not afraid to change, if the change is my idea.  I am stepping out into areas that are new to me, and I am learning as I go.  It’s an adventure and it’s mine to take.  I hope that everyone who reads this post takes to heart what the photo says and grows in confidence in who they are, but is still willing to make changes that they may need to make to become even more of who they are intended to be.  Have a wonderful day.  Here’s to being yourself.

The battle against Breast Cancer is far from over.

ImageThis is a short post today dedicated to all those women who have had to fight the battle against breast cancer.

I took this photo over the weekend while visiting with my good friend and her daughter in Charleston, SC.  We were there for the Dragon Boat Races of Charleston which support Breast Cancer research and honors the survivors and all those who have lost the fight against this horrible disease.

When I look at this photo I see tranquility, peacefulness and a sense of anticipation for the journey that one can not know the end of.  A journey that would need to begin with someone taking the first step into the unknown.  A journey that many face when getting the diagnosis of breast cancer, a journey they do not know the end to but have to have the courage to step out and begin it.  I have been blessed with good health and have not had to experience the fear and anticipation that one does when hearing those words “you have breast cancer”.  I pray for all those who are going through this or know someone who is fighting this battle and will continue to support Breast Cancer Research in any way I can.

Many blessings to all of you.