What does my electronic use say? or Do I really need to check that now?

ElectronicsWhat does your electronic use say? or Do I really need to check that now?

Let me start by first saying I am talking to myself here, and by no means pointing fingers at anyone.

I love technology. I use it a lot, perhaps too much. I am seldom without my iphone or ipad. I have a laptop computer and a netbook. But I wonder what my constant use of my electronics says about me. When I am with someone, anyone, and I decide I need to check my iphone for messages or texts, what does that say to the person I am with? Does it say, I am bored, you are not interesting, there is someplace I would rather be, there is something I would rather be doing? What does it say about me that I can’t sit though an evening with someone without checking my iphone for texts or emails, or even check my Facebook account for updates from anyone?

I know it’s hard to not be connected with the outside world. I know that I enjoy the occasional updates on Facebook, and the connection with family and friends, but unless it’s a true emergency is it necessary to sit in a public or even private setting with someone and constantly check my phone?

When was the last time I sat for an evening with my husband and neither of us constantly checked our iphone, or played with our ipad? Why has that become an extension of our time together? Can we change that?

I challenge myself and everyone who reads my blog to spend an evening with your significant other, a friend, or a group of friends without checking your smart phone or ipad or other electronics for updates about people you are not physically with at that moment. Go on a date with your significant other, or simply watch TV together, sure it may not be a movie or a show you are particularly interested in, but I am sure there are many times they have watch something with you that didn’t interest them at the time, so enjoy the time together and don’t worry about what you are watching. Take a walk together, hold hands (not phones), talk and enjoy the world around you. (Now I am not saying leave your phones at home, they do come in handy for that occasional photo opportunity or in case of an emergency, but put them away during the walk.) Go to a movie, silence that phone. Go out to dinner, silence that phone. I don’t necessarily agree with the policy or practice of leaving phones at home, or turning them completely off, especially if you have teenagers, aged parents, small children at home, but if it is a true emergency and not just a “what is for dinner” question, or “when will you be home”, or “can Susie spend the night question”, the caller or texter will leave a message, and at some point, you will check it out.

I don’t’ know how many will actually attempt this challenge but if you do I would love to hear how it went. My husband and I are planning a stay at home vacation for a couple days soon and I think I will do my very best to not be totally connected to my electronics so we can hang out, do fun things and really enjoy each other’s company without that ‘third party’ known as the smart phone interrupting out time together.


*any resemblance to real or imagined individuals, living or dead, is purely unintentional.  All opinions here are solely the opinion of the author. If you see yourself in this post, oops!