TOO BUSY to keep in touch,

I wonder why it seems so difficult for people to keep in touch. I realize everyone is busy with life and some times it’s all one can do to just get through the day, but with all this modern technology surely everyone has a couple minutes at some point in their day or week to pop off a quick text or email to someone just to touch base, to say hi, or thinking of you.

It’s easy and doesn’t require a long conversational reply from the recipient, but it can sometimes make a world of difference in their life. How many times has a person come across your thoughts, and you think “I really should call or text them just to say hi” but you don’t because you are too busy? You have no idea what is going on in that person’s life at that very moment and your contact however small may have made a world of difference to them. Think back to a low moment in your life, and we have all had them, when that phone call, email or text came through and suddenly things looked a bit brighter and you knew you had someone somewhere who was thinking of you, and you were not alone. Honestly, if we get too busy that we stop heeding that small voice we hear in our hearts then we are frankly TOO BUSY.

So, my friends, the next time your heart speaks to you take the time to reach out to that person. We should never be too busy to show we care about others. And as independent and self sufficient as we like to think we are, the truth is there are so many people in our lives that care about us and just want to know we care about them.

So, one of my goals for this New Year is to listen to that voice in my heart more often and too never be TOO BUSY to reach out to someone. I hope you will do the same.

Be blessed,

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