First tree to come down.

The quietness of my day is about to be destroyed by the buzzing of chain saws, the yells of men getting just the right angle on the tree and the grinding of the chipper as it removes all signs of what was once a tree.

A benefit is that with this done, it frees up more time for my husband and I to hang out, and we don’t have to attempt to do this ourselves.  Yes, that’s right, we have a small chain saw and my husband was going to attempt a couple of these trees with the help of a friend, Blake.

Watching the tree removal process is difficult, not because I am mourning the loss of the trees, they had to go, but because power tools of this magnitude always make me very nervous.  Of course, large trees within hitting distance of my house make me nervous too.  

I will take up a position on my screen porch, watching, photographing, and praying all goes well.  

As luck would have it plans changed.  The tree removal will now happen tomorrow morning.  Yes, dear trees, you have gotten one more day of life left.

Fast forward to 8:30am the next morning.  The work began promptly at 8:00am.  The men are busy taking out three trees by our driveway between the houses, a scary place to work but they seem to be doing fine.  We have five additional tress coming out in the backyard.  I know it may seem wrong to remove all these trees but as I stated before they had to go, they are dying and creating a hazard for people and cars alike.  It is sad though to watch such magnificent creations being reduced to logs and mulch.    We will enjoy the logs in our fire pit throughout the year, and the mulch will help make our yard look more manicured for when the ‘lawn police’ come by to inspect the neighborhood yards in their cars.  We live in a development that has ‘rules’ about lawns and other things, and yes we have ‘lawn police’ who drive around and let you know if you need to replace your mulch, kill your weeds, mow your lawn, or remove some thing from your yard that is not ‘approved’.  As of yet, I have not had to encounter these ‘lawn police’, doing my best to abide by the rules, but it is very difficult because inside me there is a little girl screaming “don’t tell me what I can and can not do with my own home”. 

As the tree removal continues, we have one tree completely down, another almost, and six more to go.  The yard is going to look so different and so much better.  It will be nice getting a little more sun in the yard, now maybe the grass will grow better and yes, darling husband, the garden may as well.

Random question:  why would anyone yell at a man with a chain saw?

Trees removed from back yard have opened it up.

 As the morning goes on another tree falls, more mulch is created, more yard is exposed and will flourish in the sunlight.  We love trees, we really do, they are beautiful and offer privacy, but this yard had so many trees that it created a lack of sunshine, and many of the trees were damaged during the construction of this house and were beginning to show those signs.  And who ever thought planting sweet gum trees in a yard was ever a good idea?  Sweet gum trees are the trees that drop those prickly balls which are very painful when stepped on, and almost impossible to gather up.  Perhaps they have their place in nature, but not in a backyard.  And while pine trees are a nice way to have privacy, ones that grow so tall that only the very top has any pine needles on them and wave in the slightest wind are not what I would call house friendly.

Another random question:  Is it okay to trim a tree that is in your neighbors yard but is hanging over into your yard?  I have heard that by right it is okay to do so without asking, however, I find that rude and inconsiderate.  I always inform and ask if its okay before proceeding.  So far it has worked out well for us and maintains a friendly neighborhood atmosphere.

As I go from my backyard deck to peering out the garage windows checking on the status of the work, I am impressed by the progress.  As I look high up into one of the trees in the driveway I see the man with possibly the most dangerous job of all, he is hanging up there, trimming the tree and cutting large pieces off that are directed to the ground with a rope and what I can only imagine is a dose of prayer.  Occasionally, as I sit here typing, I hear a loud thud and know another large piece has come down, and since I don’t hear any cries of alarm I can assume all went well.

Then there is the almost constant noise of the chipper, creating mulch for use in the yard.  I hope the foreman takes a head count after the day is over, just to be sure no one has fallen into that monster machine.  

Afternoon is here and they are almost done.  One final large tree to drop and a smaller one to trim back, then some clean up and finished.  

Three trees down, stumps are now gone.

 It is done.  The trees are down, the stumps ground up, the mulch in a pile to be spread later and silence has once again encompassed my yard.  The change is subtle yet dramatic, the openness is wonderful but the empty spots where the trees once stood are accented by the raked over tree mulch.

The smell is a mix of fresh cut trees, both sweet and sour.  The sweet scent of pine that was so strong when the tree came down has vanished as the branches and pines are mulched or stacked away.  The sweet gum and oaks have a sweet, sour smell that is hard to describe.  Unlike fresh cut grass which gives you the feeling of summer, this odor gives one a sense of sadness, of loss.  

We will plant grass where the trees once stood, and we will begin to enjoy the openness of our yard, while still having a sense of privacy from all the remaining trees that border our property. 


And so ends the saga of the trees.

3 thoughts on “Trees

  1. What an homage to trees…! To those concerned about the environment, take comfort in the knowledge there are hundreds of trees around us, and we may plant a few more. We love trees, but they need to be managed, and they are technically a renewable resource… Now, to discuss plans to enlarge the deck….


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