My Garden Saga Continues


UPDATE:  I know that my garden saga made a number of people smile when I posted it last September.  So, this year, 2015, we are trying once again to make our garden grow.  However, we have changed our strategy a bit.  We did have trees removed, (see my Trees blog), and have planted only  in the front beds of the garden.  They seem to be the ones that get the most sun.  We are attempting not to over water this year.  We are in agreement that if the garden fails to yeild more produce we will cry “uncle” and give up this venture.  There are so many farm stands in our area we will just help the local economy and purchase fresh produce from them.

Below is my original post about the Garden Saga, please feel free to comment.  

My Garden Saga continues

If you have followed my blog you saw the post about our garden cage and our attempts to make a garden happen. Year one saw us with some lovely plants but they were destroyed by critters. Year two we spent a lot of money and time building a garden cage out of a car port and fencing.  We planted in containers, and installed a very efficient watering system.  The result was extremely sad. Year three (this year) we spend more money and time building raised beds inside our garden cage and planted again and the results were extremely sad once again.

So, here it is the end of the growing season and once again our garden has failed to meet our expectations. We determined that our garden was not getting enough sun, which was evident by the fact that our tomato plants shot up to 10 feet searching in desperation for the sun.  We also determined that because the garden wasn’t getting enough sun we were probably over watering. Now I suppose we could water it less, but the fact remains that the garden does not get enough sun.   Even the plants that got more sun than the tomato grew slowly and produced poorly. We got some lettuce, a few cucumbers and absolutely no zucchini. So we began discussing a few options for next year.

 Option one would be to move the entire garden cage into a more sunny area in our yard. A couple problems with that, there is no real spot in our yard that gets sun for multiple hours during the day due to the enormous and densely planted trees that surround our beautiful yard. Another problem is moving the garden cage would take time and people and both of those are difficult to come by.

 Option two would be to leave the garden cage where it is and remove some of the trees that block the sun from shining so nicely on it. Problem there is removing trees is costly. Now I admit these particular trees really should be removed any way to avoid any damage to our house in the future, but the cost could be high to do this.

Option three (and this one is perhaps my favorite of the three) is to just admit defeat and buy our fresh vegetables from any one of the numerous vegetable stands that are within a few miles of our house. This option would not only save us time and money but also the frustration of attempting to make a garden work that apparently is not meant to happen. Not to mention that through these last three years of attempting to make a garden happen I have learned an important fact about myself…I AM NOT A GARDENER, AND I HAVE TO REAL DESIRE TO BECOME ONE.

Sure it’s nice to see plants growing and to be able to walk into your backyard and pick fresh veggies, but the work involved in preparation and maintenance, not to mention the bugs (had a bad experience with them) make me less willing to make gardening one of my hobbies.

So all that being said, we have a few months to make our final decision. Of course there is an option four, take a year off and see what happens in the future.

Oh yeah, any suggestions my gardening friends may have would be welcomed.

*any resemblance to real or imagined individuals, living or dead, is purely unintentional.  All opinions here are solely the opinion of the author. If you see yourself in this post, oops!

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