What is true Beauty?

Thru the yearsWhat is Beauty, what is sexy?

What is your definition of beauty or sexy? Everyone’s is different and influenced by so many outside forces, but take a minute and consider these questions.

Is beauty or sexy defined by six pack abs, toned muscles, light scruff on the face, tousled hair, or lean perfect curves, long flowing hair, perfect smile, perfect teeth?

Or is it that man or woman who has stuck by you all these years?

The one who endured pregnancy, stretch marks, morning sickness and child birth so that special addition could be added to your family?

Is it the one who was with you when your parent died and held you up as you grieved?

Is it the one who helped you survive those early sleepless nights with your baby and the terrible twos?

The one who you held on to during those fun teenage years (if you had daughters, through those pre teens too)?

Is it the one who loved you despite hormonal changes that turned you into someone you did not want to be?

Is it the one who stayed home and raised your children so they could be brought up with the values and morals that were important to both of you?

Is it the one who works hard to provide for your family, working long hours and weekends when necessary so the family could have a good life?

Is it the one who just shook their head and said “I am glad you are okay” when you wreck the car yet again?

Is it the one who even though your hair has turned grey, there’s a few more wrinkles on your face, and a little roll around your middle still thinks you are beautiful or handsome?

Whatever your definition is, remember sometimes you don’t have to look any further than your own backyard to see what is beautiful and sexy, its been there all the time.

Don’t let Hollywood’s definition of beauty and sexy define for you what really is beautiful and sexy in your life.


*any resemblance to real or imagined individuals, living or dead, is purely unintentional.  All opinions here are solely the opinion of the author. If you see yourself in this post, oops!

Detours and Delays

Stress and AttitudeDetours and Delays

How do you handle the little detours and delays in your daily life?

You know what I mean, the unexpected explosion of a carbonated beverage leaving you cleaning up what seems like an ever expanding mess.

That tipped over glass of milk when you are running late.

The accidental use of hair spray as your deodorant, or the deodorant as your hair spray.

That flat tire as you are heading out in the morning.

The empty gas gauge from when someone else used your car.

The need for cupcakes for today’s kindergarten class that you just found out about.

The spot on that blouse you were planning on wearing to work today.

That stalled traffic on the highway when you are running late for an appointment.

The power goes out, the water is off, and so many other detours and delays that can happen in a day that disrupt your plans, your schedule and your life.

These things happen, and how we handle them can show our family, friends and even strangers our true character.

I know it’s hard to smile when these things happen, but knowing they do happen and there really isn’t much you can do about it or really plan for them that will definitely help your attitude. Don’t look at them as inconveniences but as learning and teaching experiences. Learning to laugh in the face of inconveniences, detours and delays will not only be an example to others but will certainly keep your blood pressure down.

So the next time a detour or delay stumbles into your plans for the day, take a moment to consider that perhaps there is something God is trying to show you. After all life is too short to spend any of it angry and upset over something that you didn’t know was going to happen.

May you have a wonderful detour and delay free day!


*any resemblance to real or imagined individuals, living or dead, is purely unintentional.  All opinions here are solely the opinion of the author. If you see yourself in this post, oops!

Matthew 6:27 – Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?

Ecclesiastes 7:9 – Do not be quickly provoked in your spirit, for anger resides in the lap of fools.