Let’s talk moving!!!

We recently moved from our lovely home in Waxhaw, to an even lovelier home in Waxhaw.  While such a move may seem like it was going to be easy, it was NOT!  We did all the prep work on our home to put it on the market, and that, my friends, is a blog for another time.  Having never actually sold a home, I was not prepared for how inconvenient yet necessary it was to keep a house very, very tidy and to be ready at a moments notice to vacant for potential buyers to view.  And while you like to have notice, who in their right mind, who wants to sell, is going to say no to a potential buyer.  We never did.  We managed to sell our home in about a month.  Miracle!!!  While the whole selling our home was going on we were also looking for our next home.  After viewing at least 30 homes from Mooresville to Waxhaw we finally found one we all felt truly at home in.  The catch:  The sellers, while needing to sell, also needed to stay in the home until school was out, and our buyers need to close in 30 days.

Solution:  We put all our “stuff” into various places all over the Charlotte area.  A pod was somewhere, we had a storage unit somewhere else, the movers had more stuff somewhere, and we had what we needed to survive in an apartment for 6 weeks.

Making all that happen was like that old-time vaudeville act of the man spinning the plates on poles and trying to make sure they all stayed up.  We did it and it was quite an adventure.

For six weeks we lived in a small apartment, with less stuff, and guess what…we survived!  Now the spinning plates act started again.  Time to make sure all the plates stay up and “stuff”  arrived at the new house in the proper order.  It took some planning, lots of phone calls and not a small amount of prayer, but it got done.

Are we finished unpacking…really?  Nope.  Even after getting rid of “stuff” we find we still have lots of “stuff” and are still working out the “where will I put this “stuff”?” questions.

It will take some time, but we love our new home and as far as I am concerned I would be extremely happy if we never, ever, ever had to move again.

This is now our view from our deck.

new house

Homeowners Associations…HOAs.  A necessary evil?

Home Owners Associations. Or HOA. A necessary evil?

Let’s talk HOAs.  We have never lived in a community with a HOA, we do now. We have always had homes and property where since we bought it, pay for it and own it we could do pretty much what we wanted. Not any more.

We get that in communities you need some rules, regulations and restrictions. It make sense. We get that they don’t want purple painted brick homes or RVs and boats parked unkept in driveways, We get that they want yards looking nice and neat. We don’t get that having written conditions, codes and restrictions, board members can arbitrarily decide what is and isn’t allowed.

Our community is small and quiet. We don’t have amenities here, no pool, clubhouse, walking paths or lake. We have a total of about 6 roads, a front entrance that is kept up and street lights that are maintained. We also have fake grey rocks over our well heads and underground utilities. The underground utilities require above ground boxes, ugly above ground boxes. We are the lucky home owner who has those boxes on one side of our yard. We have a flower garden around them and are attempting to hide them.

Here’s where the issue comes in, we put up white vinyl decorative panels in a “L” shape to hide these boxes from street view. We have lovely flowers and decorative grasses growing in front of them.  We have in no way blocked access to these boxes. The entire back and one side is open for maintainence when needed.  All in all the flower garden is looking like an English cottage garden and really adds to the yard

SO, imagine our surprise when we get the “compliance letter” from our HOA stating that it had been brought to their attention that we have put up white vinyl fencing and white vinyl fencing is not allowed. Don’t you love the sentence “brought to their attention”?  We did.

We can find nowhere in any of the rules, codes, conditions or architectural paperwork where is says no white vinyl fencing. In fact vinyl is one of the allowed materials.

 Webster gives the definition of fence as..

A structure like a wall built outdoors usually of wood or meal that separates two areas or prevents people or animals from entering or leaving.

What we put up does not separate two areas, nor does it keep anyone or anything from entering or leaving…it is purely for decorative purposes. 

If you have ever dealt with an HOA, you know it can be like banging your head against a brick wall. We have been told that the board never approves white vinyl, why, well certainly not because it’s not allowed, but apparently because someone doesn’t like it. And apparently we were remiss in not asking permission first before we put this up, seriously…IT IS NOT A FENCE.  Please see definition above…we repeat it is NOT A FENCE.  It’s decorative and designed to hide the offensive utility boxes. You know, like the grey fake rock we have to have to hide the well head.

However, wanting to be good neighbors we have filled out the proper form and having been assured that white isn’t going to make it, have asked if a forest green one would be approved.

Now we wait and see. Because if it isn’t approved we have some very interesting ideas that will in no way be mistaken for a fence.

Updates to come….have a blessed day

Any resemblance to real or imagined individuals, living or dead, is purely unintentional. All opinions are solely the opinion of the author.  If you see yourself in this post, oops!